Mission & Vision

"Man did not weave the web of life; He is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web, He does to himself."
Ted Perry.

Architecture – the built environment is a construct of its social context. Context today - is of Rapid change and depleting resources. It is in this backdrop that students will be trained to build shelters for the needs of today and tomorrow.

"Not mine and move, but stay and cultivate are the watchwords of the new order."

Understanding the ecological footprint of all our built endeavours will form an underlying concern around which we will structure this study.

While in its core, being an architect calls upon the faculty of creative thinking.

We at the LIA will ensure that this creativity is focused on making more humane architecture which is efficient, rational and responsible.

Our curriculum so designed we ,

Rely on the learning from Nature and erect a solid framework of logical understanding.

Insist for the hands-on experience of traditional as well as latest ‘engineering processes’ involved in design.

Provide state of the art tools and ensure mastery over them.

Expose them to the world a fine arts so that their imagination knows no bounds.

Nurture creativity with conscience.

Ensure, the students can find their true potential.